Different Types of Commercial and Industrial LED Lights


No commercial or industrial facility is complete without proper lighting. And another fact is that none of the ordinary lighting solutions can illuminate industrial and commercial setups.

Since these setups are huge, the light requirement is much larger. Proper lighting plays a role in organizing and running such enormous setups. Discussing lighting in huge spaces may look like an ordinary matter, but one can wonder what happens if the light is insufficient.

This blog post educates you on a go-to stop for all your industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Revolveled.com is the finest place to solve all your lighting problems. Let’s find out more.

Different Types of commercial and Industrial LED Lights

Following are the varieties of commercial and industrial LED lights that revolveled.com offers.

LED High Bay Lights

Are you focusing on exact illumination? If yes, the overhead LED High Bay lights are your thing. LED high bay lights offer a range of products like Round, Linear, and Low Bay. LED high bay lights are perfect for commercial and industrial setups like workshops, warehouses, retail places, gyms, event centers, and manufacturing. Productivity, safety, and energy efficiency characterize the use of high-bay LED lights.

With zero maintenance, revolve LED offers high bay LEDs that give out clean and bright light. They add value to the money by cutting down the electricity charges considerably.

LED Area/Street Lights

Another line of products by Revolve LED is ED area lights or street lights. Colleges, corporate campuses, parking lots, airports, parks, shopping centers, residential neighborhoods, hospitals, and business complexes are the areas where these lights work at their best.

Each mentioned area is of extreme importance and consideration. Improper lighting in any of these areas can pose serious problems. LED light fixtures by Revolve LED are unmatchable when keeping these areas well-illuminated at night.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are committed to “Flood” your focused areas with light. This light is intended to create a focused illumination and enhanced safety and security. They are often mounted on the top of buildings or above walls to serve the purpose. These are also helpful in deterring crimes.

LED flood lights are the best solutions for parking lots, schools, commercial and retail buildings, playgrounds, loading docks, and other wide and open spaces.

LED Canopy Lights

Damp locations, garages, car porches, loading docks, storage areas, gas stations, carports, and covered walkways can be illuminated with LED canopy light by Revolve LED. The reliable, tough, and energy-efficient lights are great for brightening up spaces where focused lighting is needed.

LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures

T-bar grid ceiling and LED flat light fixtures seem to be made for each other. Their slim, lightweight, and seamless designs are the new trendy lights in every new construction.


Revolveled.com offers you a range to select from. For all your lighting options, this platform is the ultimate stop. Different LED lights, each with a great profile, cater to your specific needs. LED street lights, canopy lights, and flood lights are available to help you get done with your commercial and industrial setups.


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