Review of a Deal with the Devil


A Deal with The Devil is an inspiring, romantic novel. It is a must-read for romance novel lovers. A rich man known as Vanda Crown has been messed up by Mr. Adams. Well, Vanda is a ruthless billionaire who is not messed up by anyone. He is feared across the country by everyone. Adams messed him up by stealing millions of monies from his farm and causing the death of Vanda’s younger brother.

When you commit such crimes against Vanda, you cannot go escort-free. You have to pay. Vanda has vowed to make Adams pay for this. Unfortunately, Adams is dead. Vanda cannot understand how a man can commit such a mess to him and decide to die. In the end, i made a deal with the devil is an inspiring story.

The Niece

According to Vanda, Adams had a niece he loved so much. Her name was Renee Adams. However, that was just at the face value. In fact, Renee found her uncle to be very abusive. She was even happy when she had news that her uncle had died. Already she had moved to a small town with her little sister with the aim of starting a new life. It seems the world could not allow her to pick up her pieces and start a new life. One bright morning, she was woken up by a ruthless billionaire, Vanda Crown.

When Vanda moved into the house, Renee pretended to be asleep. She could not help but continue weeping silently. She had never seen Vanda before but she had heard about it for many years. What she could remember about him was that she was ruthless. According to her late uncle, the man has never smiled in her life.

The Money

Renee could not understand why Vanda paid her a visit. Maybe, he was here to mourn her uncle. Vanda decided to speak alone to miss Renee. Since he was a man who was busy, he could not afford to waste any time. Thus, he went straight to what brought him here. She asked about the whereabouts of the money. Well, Renee was still surprised about money when she was already penniless and she had accumulated lots of debts at James’s shop. Well, she could also not waste time but tell Vanda that she is not aware her uncle stole from him.

Beautiful Woman

Vanda tried his best to rein his anger on the young girl. Although he had studied her picture before starting his journey, he had to admit the pictures did not do her good. He remembered what her uncle said, she is truly beautiful. Whenever Vanda had a discussion with Adams, the man always has a few words to say about his lovely niece.


Vanda could not understand how a girl her uncle was fond of could not know about her uncle’s theft. She probably must know where the money is. Although she is living in poverty, he could not believe that. Renee and her younger sister were surprised when they heard that their uncle had stolen over 15 million dollars from Vanda. The story is full of surprises, you would enjoy it better if you read it fully.


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